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Marlies Robinson lit a candle on 02/25/2011: "I have been heartbroken over such family tragidy, and wish to share my sympathy with the family. God bless you."
Jella Elsner lit a candle on 09/05/2010: "One candle for you and your family. 05.09.2010"
T. Hause lit a candle on 08/28/2010: "RIP"
Sylvana Zorgvol lit a candle on 05/05/2010: "my respects,R.I.P"
Ashley Otis lit a candle on 04/28/2010: "I love you and miss you so much, Mike. You have inspired me in life and in death so much. You'd be proud.. :]"
Tonya H. lit a candle on 04/25/2010: "Happy birthday Mike! Miss you"
Houfrane S. lit a candle on 04/24/2010: "A little thought to your family and you today.You will be never forgotten. R.I.P. <3"
Cynthia Repsher lit a candle on 04/14/2010: "My heart goes out to the entire Tylo clan upon the untimely passing of your son.My heart goes out you.My condolences."
Lynda Stuckey lit a candle on 12/30/2009: "Hunter and Michael our prayers are with you and Michael Tylo II will always be loved and never forgotten. God Bless"
Sani Csikosova lit a candle on 12/29/2009: "kiss u"
Nancy Curtin lit a candle on 12/16/2009: "god bless you tylo and michael"
Sasiren Duvalier lit a candle on 12/15/2009: "I am just finding out today. I am very sorry for your loss. Let the angels sing."
Tonya lit a candle on 10/20/2009: "Mickey (Mike)-The memories we had are what we cherish! As each day passes, you are greatly missed! Never forgotten! RIP"
Gigi lit a candle on 10/19/2009: "Remembering all the fun times Taylor and Mickey had together brings a smile to my face and warms my heart! RIP~MET"
Sharon W. lit a candle on 10/18/2009: "My thoughts and prayers are with the Tylo family today"
Jill -Ann Faria (. JJ ). lit a candle on 10/17/2009: "Rip Mickey you are with the Angels now looking down and guiding and protecting your loved ones at this time."
Houfrane S. lit a candle on 10/17/2009: "We all love you so much Mickey. My prayers & thoughts are specially for you today. <3 R.I.P. <3"
Stefania Gheza lit a candle on 09/27/2009: "Arrivederci, Michael"
Carla Melton lit a candle on 09/22/2009: "i am so very sorry for your lose. i have pictures of him if you would like them."
Tonya Hutson lit a candle on 09/11/2009: "Mickey! I still think of you often. You're greatly missed. RIP to you, mimi and papaw. Much love. XOXO"
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