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Martha Montez lit a candle on 10/17/2008: "Dear micheal & Hunter My thoughts and prayers are with you both and also your family."
Shabnam(Dew) A. lit a candle on 10/16/2008: "Dears, He will live on in the hearts of everyone who loved him. "I'm sorry for your loss."
Lynda Stuckey lit a candle on 10/15/2008: "Hunter, you are still one of my favorite actors and our heart goes out to you and yours. Be blessed and forever loved."
Mae Carlin lit a candle on 10/07/2008: "I'm so sorry that you lost your son so young..I have lost my grand child at a young age, but we still love her."
Mariana Dos Santos Silva lit a candle on 10/06/2008: "Dear Hunter and Tylo.Iam so sorry for your loss.My prayers are with your family.GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!"
Kristen lit a candle on 09/25/2008: "I have no words of wisdom, only love and prayers to offer your family. Losing a child is a club no one wants to be in."
Pam Rogerd lit a candle on 09/14/2008: "I am so sorry for your loss. I lite a candle when you first did this sight. It is sad to loss a child."
Karen lit a candle on 09/10/2008: "Dear Michael and Tylo, As the one year anniversary of your beloved son's death approaches he is still in our thoughts."
Betina Jacobsen lit a candle on 08/31/2008: "Im sorry for you and your family. kindly Betina"
Dagmar Kliebsch lit a candle on 08/18/2008: "Dear Hunter, my heart is with you and I feel so sorry for your loss. May the light shine for Mickey and you."
Tammy East lit a candle on 08/14/2008: "Dear Hunter,may love & strength ease you thru your pain.Beautiful memories are yours forever to hold in your heart x"
Jenny Baker lit a candle on 08/08/2008: "i still think of the sadness your familey are going through may god lookafter you"
Angie lit a candle on 08/08/2008: "My prayers are with the Tylo family. May you always have peace knowing your son will be watching over your family."
Yvonne D. lit a candle on 08/07/2008: "My sincere condoleances to your family."
Blanche R. Payne lit a candle on 08/03/2008: ""Weeping may endure for a night, jbut joy c omesth in the morning". My deepest sympathy to you, Mrs. Hunter Tylo."
Marion Nardone lit a candle on 08/03/2008: "hope the angles welcomed you in full joy,with all our loved ones who passed so sure you all shine for us"
Wendela Van Den Broek lit a candle on 07/24/2008: "My heart goes out to Mickey's family."
Terri~Mom To Angel Brent Bowden lit a candle on 07/17/2008: "Hi handsome~thinking of U & all who love & miss U so. Sending them lots of hugs & prayers. Fly free w the angels.xoxo"
Natta Majer lit a candle on 07/05/2008: "My thoughts are with the family."
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