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Sending Thoughts  / Jeff Marsden (none)  Read >>
Sending Thoughts  / Jeff Marsden (none)

Thinking of Mickey today, and wishing Hunter, Michael and family a very blessed Easter.

sinceres condoleances  / Brun Sylvie (aucun)  Read >>
sinceres condoleances  / Brun Sylvie (aucun)
je suis sincerement desolée et vous souhaite à tous beaucoup de courage durant cette terrible epreuve Close
One Day At A Time!  / Bettye Jackson (Fan of Parents )  Read >>
One Day At A Time!  / Bettye Jackson (Fan of Parents )

Hunter and Michael, and Family:

I just wanted you to  know that I think about you and your loss everyday. This beautiful site that you have allowed us to share with you, have gave us all the  honor to share the love you have for Mickey.

 I admit to coming here often because seeing the pictures and reading the beautiful messages, makes  me feel a part of this wonderful family.

When we are sad, it feels good to come here a see Mickey's smile and his love ones that makeup this beautiful family.

One day at a time, one step at a time, leads to another.

I love you/Bettye Jackson {a fan}

MY PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU ALWAYS.  / Lynn Broncato   Read >>

I still say prayers for you and your family. My heart goes out to you.

You are a very strong willed woman. I wish you and your family all the BEST.

take care,


As a mother  / Cindy Eaddy (none)  Read >>
As a mother  / Cindy Eaddy (none)
My sympathy to Mickey's dad, mom, brother, and sisters.  No one knows what it is like to lose a child, until you have lost one, and then you cannot really know the specific pain.  I have not lost a child, praise God, but I do have a son who has "juvenile" diabetes with accompanying seizures.  He has been doing well for some time now.  My oldest brother has lost two sons and a daughter, all at different times, in car accidents.  I could not imagine how he could get through the loss of his first child, but the second and third........I think I would have lost my mind, but his faith in God and Jesus Christ carries him through.  God bless this family, and any others who read this who have lost a child. Close
Condelance / Stacey Kennedy-Walker (none)  Read >>
Condelance / Stacey Kennedy-Walker (none)
My deepest sympathy goes to you and your family. You are in my prayers....swalker Close
Condoleance / Kathleen Fitz-Jim (no relation )  Read >>
Condoleance / Kathleen Fitz-Jim (no relation )

Dear family ,

maybe a little bit late, but i wish you all the best in this terrible time.
may michael's soul rest in peace and i think he will watched you all from heaven.
Please enjoy the memory you have of him. that is the best you can do i think .
I'am only a fan of Hunter Tylo, but i was shocked wen i read this today.

Kathleen from the netherland (europe)

Condolences / Diana Somnea (Fan)  Read >>
Condolences / Diana Somnea (Fan)
May God rest his soul in peace !
You should be strong not to be overcome by this terrible loss.
I live in Romania and I am a great fan of Y&R and B&B.
God bless,
michael tylo11  / Patricia Robinson (none)  Read >>
michael tylo11  / Patricia Robinson (none)
im very sorry for your lost i lost my mother in march of 2006 and lost my grandfather in september of 2006 the same year it was very hard for me my baby sister she lost a mother and a father in the same week mom died march 7, 2006 and her real father died march 10,2006 and a grandfather in september all in the same year .and man that was a sad year for all of us.so the tylo family i kind of know what you are feeling.my prayers goes out to your family and other family members in your family for the loss of your son  Close
My Deepest Sympathy  / Celinett Sanchez (No Relation )  Read >>
My Deepest Sympathy  / Celinett Sanchez (No Relation )

I sorry for your loss no mother should ever endure that pain .I just hope you could find peace in your heart and remember he is and will always be your guardian angel.

i am so sorry  / Kim Ward   Read >>
i am so sorry  / Kim Ward

hunter, i am so very sorry about the loss of Michael.  My thoughts and prayers are out to you and your family.  I am a Christian also and know that God heals.  I pray for healing for your heart and peace.  xoxo kim


Dear Hunter,
When I heard about your son's death, I was devastated for you. I thought about you every day and wondered how a mother gets through something like this. 
Ten days later, October 28, 2007; my world came to an end when my 21-year old daughter took her life. 
I am so sorry for your loss. I am hoping your son found my daughter and they are taking care of each other. 
No pain is worse. Some days I don't know how I can endure it and don't think that I can go through another day of anguish.
The only reason I'm on this earth right now and writing this today is because I have five surviving children that need me. 
Let's continue to find the strength to go on each day so we can be here for our children.
Camille Milke, Eternal "Mommy" of Sarina Angel
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow and Forever........
My Beautiful Baby Girl, 1/26/86 - 10/28/07, 21 years 9 months 3 days
COPES Foundation (Coalition Of Parents Enduring Suicide)
Founder and President, Main - 505-269-2286, Fax - 505-213-0999 www.COPESFoundation.com

My Condolences  / Donald Canny (None)  Read >>
My Condolences  / Donald Canny (None)

Dear Hunter,

My deepest sympathy to you and your family at the loss of your son Michael. I can only imagine the pain you are going through. While I have lost relatives in my life time, I have no children and I do not know of the anguish of which you suffer. I can only express sorrow, and pray that God will ease your pain in this most difficult time. May the Lord God bless you.

Don Canny.

My sympathy  / June Hardy (None)  Read >>
My sympathy  / June Hardy (None)
I am so sorry for your loss.  I've been watching B&B for years and you have always been one of my favorites.  Looking at your pictures, I see the love you have for your son, and I grieve with you.  May God bless and keep you.  I know God has taken him to a better place.  I am an African-American, but know that there is no difference in loving and losing a love one.  

Please be strong for your son. Close
A Holiday Prayer  / Lynn Broncato (Fan of Hunter )  Read >>
A Holiday Prayer  / Lynn Broncato (Fan of Hunter )
Dear Hunter and your Family,
I am saying a special Holiday Prayer for you and your family. I always light white candles for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 
My heart really goes out to you st this time. 

Have a nice Christmas with your children and take care. Special prayers are being said for you and your family. 

I say special prayers for my mother and my brother and others who I have lost and missed. It really helps me when I am alone with candles lit. Close
PRAYING FOR YOU HUNTER  / Sarah Woodward-Brown   Read >>
PRAYING FOR YOU HUNTER  / Sarah Woodward-Brown
Dear Hunter, I was so shocked to learn of your son's passing.. Hunter, I had only just re read your book recently.. I've read it quite a few times over the years and as my life changed..i.e becoming a mother myself.. it has touched me in different ways... I don't know why this happened to you... we all ask ourselves that question a billion times when someone we love is taken away... but you have to have faith that your darling son is still with you..and you will be together again one day... Hunter, keep strong.. I cannot imagine the pain you are feeling...I truly can't... but I will pray for you and Michael and your children...
God Bless You All....
Sarah. Close
Dear Hunter and Family.  / Leisa Shore   Read >>
Dear Hunter and Family.  / Leisa Shore

I know that i dont know you, but i feel like i do as i have watched the bold and beautiful for many years. Was devestated to hear of the loss of your son, as i have two children. a son and a daughter and i really wouldnt know how to carry on without either of them. i read your book many years ago. You have great strength and a beautiful heart. Draw from the deepest part of your soul to help you make it through this horrific loss. may god bless you and your family, my thoughts are with you all.
Love Leisa Shore
Gold Coast, Australia.

My deepest sympathy  / Regina Yancy   Read >>
My deepest sympathy  / Regina Yancy
I would like to offer my condolences to the entire Tylo family during this terrible time of loss.  I am a fan of both Hunter and Michael and I was just shocked to hear of your son's tragic passing.  May God comfort and guide you through this difficult time.  I will keep your family in my prayers!

My deepest sympathy to you and hunter  / Sharon Barkdull/Solomon (Fan)  Read >>
My deepest sympathy to you and hunter  / Sharon Barkdull/Solomon (Fan)
Hunter and Michael, When I heard of the news I was shocked and after that deeply sadded.  There is no other greater loss than that of a family member.  Hunter I have been watching you on B&B for years and have missed your smiling face and know that someday you will again smile knowing that your son is in heaven looking down on those that loved him so dearly.  I read that poem that was sent to you by I believe Darlene Jones, My First Chistmas In Heaven with Jesus and it made tears come to my eyes.  I too almost died about a year and a half ago of a brain aneurysm and since then have put my family through many trials.  I am a 51 year old lucky woman.  You will get through this.  We, your fans, stand behind you, always!  Again my deepest condolences.....
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